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Helping people and their pets since 1973

Pet Assistance, Inc.   ...   

All pets' lives matter!

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Max's rock!

Every year Pet Assistance, Inc subsidizes costly vet care for hundreds of pets that have a life threatening emergency. 


With our help 'Max' had exploratory surgery to remove a large rock! His owners could not afford the entire cost.


Your gift today will help other needy people and their pets nationwide!

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           Mission Statement

Saving Pets' lives is what we do!

PAi aims to keep pets in their own homes,

even in times of financial and medical crises.  


It's cheaper, and  a lot more humane  to help a person in need with their emergency vet bills, than to send the pet off to a shelter, either to be cared for with tax dollars or be euthanized. 

No pet owner wants to abandon a pet, but with the high cost of emergency veterinary care and the "strays only" policy of most shelters, many people feel the only chance their pet has for medical care is for it to become a stray!

Let's work together to keep pets off the streets and out of shelters!

Yes,  I want to help save pets' lives!

(Only a few of our beneficiaries!)

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Teddy 11 y bladder stones.jpg
Peanut 14 y anal tumor.jpg
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Kidu 13y post op tumor.jpg
Phams 10y mastectomy.jpg

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