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Gastrointestinal (GI) obstruction may be life threatening.

             Get to a vet quickly if your pet shows these symptoms.

These symptoms of GI obstruction may vary depending upon where the obstruction is located and whether it is partial

or complete. However, most dogs with GI obstructions show one or more of the following signs:


***Vomiting, which is always accompanied by forceful abdominal contractions, is the hallmark of 'GI' blockage.





Abdominal discomfort and pain (biting at the belly; going into a praying position)

Dark, tarry stools

Reduced or infrequent passage of feces (with a partial blockage, feces may continue to pass normally)

Straining to defecate


Abdominal bloating; gas accumulation

Loss of appetite

Weight loss

Excessive drooling.


Xrays or ultrasound are definitely needed to identify the problem and location. The pet will need to be put on IV fluids and most likely will need surgery.


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