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Pet Assistance, Inc. helps solely with independent, privately owned hospitals.


We do not help with ANY "chains,"  franchises or corporate-owned specialty hospitals, such as Banfield, VCA, or emergency hospitals. Exceptions may be made ONLY when, in our opinion, a specialist is really needed.  PAi has very limited funds and does not help with overpriced procedures. 

Read this in full before submitting an application for Emergency Aid

                     Veterinary care subsidies are for urgent or life-threatening emergencies only


   PAi financially helps longtime pet owners who have always cared for their pet, yet find they cannot afford an emergency.problem.

   PAi cannot financially help with new or recently acquired pets. We can offer advice and direction.


   Grants are made based on urgency, prognosis, and financial need.The owner must contribute to their pet's treatment or surgery.

   We need a written estimate from the veterinarian
. If the cost is higher than the norm for the procedure  we cannot help. 


   PAi does NOT help with unnecessary blood work, routine care, costly diagnostics (MRIs, CT scans, etc.) or ongoing illness.           

                                                        We do not financially help once a procedure has been done. 


   Our aid often comes in the form of guidance, advice and referrals. This alone has saved pet owners thousands of dollars.  



How to submit application

***SAVE the Application to your desktop after filling it out. THEN put it as an attachment to your email.

YOU MAY HAVE TO PRINT OUT the questionnaire and send it back as an attachment AFTER scanning

or taking a photo of it with your phone.


                                  CCL repairs:  READ before applying.      

Torn CCLs have become endemic in the United States. PAi only helps with the cost of surgery if the price is reasonable by OUR standards. We may financially help only if the total cost of TPLO is under $3700.  If you are not flexible as to which method you will consider to repair your pet’s knee(s), save yourself and us a lot of time by NOT filling out our application.                    Our advice alone has saved pet owners thousands of dollars.

                                Most inquiries will be addressed within 36 hours.

If the application is about a life-threatening emergency, we will respond as soon as possible.

Baby 5y Terrx Before Fx.jpg
Ollie 9 yr cut infected paw.jpg
Bella 1y DSH partial amputation.jpg
Baby 5yr FX Femur.jpeg

Acceptance of our assistance is the owner's acknowledgement that Pet Assistance, Inc. may use any pictures of the pet and descriptions of its medical care for the purposes of promotion and fund raising.

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