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Pet Assistance, Inc is a BIG organization. BIG because we are in the important business of helping people and their pets; BIG because we help save the lives of countless animals whose owners cannot afford emergency care or surgery for life threatening injuries or ailments. Yet we are very SMALL. Our assets are SMALL, our overhead is SMALL. 


People often call to volunteer. We do not have a shelter, therefore we do not need help with cleaning cages or walking dogs.


We  DO need volunteers to handle the numerous calls for help that come in from all over the country. We need volunteers with some professional or serious 'life experience' in working with animals; people who can determine if the call is about a real medical emergency that needs immediate attention or just about elective surgery or an ongoing manageable problem. They must be familiar with all sorts of problems or be able to get the proper information quickly.


We will train telephone representatives. Let us know if you are interested.









Earn a Gold Star


Other ways to volunteer:

        Fund Raise

        Collection cans in stores

        Foster a dog or cat

        Public Relations

        Press Releases

        **Manage our website


        Let us know how you would like to do help animals. 



You can make a difference;  sign up to volunteer today!


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