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Alive..... because of help from Pet Assistance, Inc.!

SPOTLIGHT!  Cystotomy and PU patients

Is something wrong with what we feed our pets?

Surgery to remove bladder stones in both dogs and cats is the most common proceedure that Pet Assistance subsidizes. This slideshow shows only a few of the pets that are alive today because Pet Assistance helped get them life saving surgery or "unblocking." After surgery, the pets are usually put on a special diet. 


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Special Medical Cases




“Einstein.”  At eight months old, he already needed two surgeries to remove foreign objects. Although Einstein loved kids, he needed a home with active, organized adults so he wouldn't be tempted to any more eat socks and gloves.

Nina, a five year old dog broke her leg while play/chasing the family cat. The owner paid for an x-ray but didn't have money for surgery. The break was already eight days old by the time Pet Assistance was called. We arranged for Nina to be transported from the Bronx to Connecticut. Due to the location of the break, her leg had to be amputated.

“Remy” a 10 month old pit bull terrier was hit by a car. Two veterinarians refused to care for her because her owners didn’t have money and sent her out the door with a dangling leg. Five days later, her owner called Pet Assistance, Inc. PA paid for Remy’s leg pinning and did her post op care.

"Tank" came to us at twenty months. He had spent most of his life in a crate. He had difficulty breathing, had entropion and already had scars on his cornea. Pet Assistance, Inc. got him neutered, had his eyes ‘fixed’ and had his elongated soft palette surgically corrected.

“Skipper” was an inmate at a high kill municipal pound. PA. happened to call there one day and the officer on duty told us about this cute, old stray that they hated to put down. Pet Assistance, Inc. had Skipper neutered, vaccinated and his teeth cleaned.

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