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"Pups and RAPs Fund"   *** Unfortunately this fund has no money!


Pet Assistance, Inc. is starting a new special fund to help young or Recently Acquired Pets (RAPS) with urgent or life threatening emergencies. Pups break legs (and not always because of a careless human;) get PARVO.. and may need costly hospitalization or they too often chew up a kid's toy and need exploratory surgery. Accidents are costly. At this time we have little funds available for new projects. Our mission has always been to help pets that have been owned for several years.


 With your help we can save these young lives and the lives of older animals being given a new chance at life.

Our mission is to keep pets in their homes. We have always given grants to pet owners who have owned and cared for their pets responsibly for years, may now have a veterinary emergency and are in a financial crisis.

Because of limited finances, Pet Assistance has not been able to help people with puppies. kittens or RAPS (Recently Acquired Pets). Yes, owning a pet may be costly at times and we agree that if you can't afford a pet you shouldn't get one. But, who decides what "afford" means?  Most pets live happy, healthy lives without putting their 'people' in debt. A new pet owner can usually afford food, basic health care, shots, cost of neutering,, etc. but to be 'hit' with $2000-$4000 vet bill for an emergency within weeks of adopting a puppy, kitten or older pet, is asking too much of most people and families. 

                                               Your kind support and generosity will make a difference!


                            DONATE NOW to our new 'Veterinary Emergency Fund for PUPs and RAPs.'

Let's work together to keep pets off the streets and out of shelters. It's a lot cheaper to  help a person in need with their emergency vet bills, than to send the pet off to a shelter, either to be cared for with tax dollars or be euthanized. PLUS, and this is a big one!.....Many shelters will not even take in an "owner surrender."  We don't believe any pet owner wants to abandon a pet.... but with the high cost of emergency veterinary care and the "strays only" policies of most shelters, many people feel, the only chance their pet has for medical care is to become a stray!


                              Pet Assistance grants help get pets the life saving care and treatment they need.

Help us reach our goal that no pet, whatever age, should suffer or die solely for lack of funds for emergency care.               






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