Practical advice from PAi pays off.... again!

Mancha, a four year old house cat had about 1 1/2 inches of her tail severed by a sharp edged door that accidently shut on her. The owner did not have money to take her to the vet. After calming her down, Ruth advised her to call her local humane society for the name of a reasonably priced local hospital; that PAi would pay for the visit. Reasonable? $700 to amputate the tip of the tail? The skin and fur was severed and hanging, but the tail itself was intact...just 'naked.' Years of experience shouted out this procedure could be done for under $300. Pet Assistance told the woman not to panic since Mancha did not appear in pain, but to find a true low cost clinic...even spay clinics might help in a case like this. We paid the $48 office exam fee. As the woman was leaving the clinic, the vet came running out and said: "I cannot let you leave like this, come back in" and the cat was taken care of! The next day Ana was overjoyed to report that Mancha was playing and purring again. Ruth and I hugged each other with joy.

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