Parvo and Pyometra.....what they have in common . Part 2

Today was an especially quiet day, and boy! I needed a break. Back to what these two conditions have in common: Both are life threatening emergencies, but so are a few other crises that happen to our pets. The important thing to know about Pyo and Parvo is that they are both totally preventable. A spayed dog no longer has a uterus and pyometra is an infection in the uterus.There are two kinds: open and closed, closed being more critical because it can rupture within the dog and lead to peritonitis. No uterus, no pyometra. Spay young and avoid an expensive, emergency surgery in the future.

Parvo, whicih was recognized, or maybe never existed before the late 1970's is like old fashioned cat distemper...severe vomitting and diarrhea. It is highly contagious. Puppies and kittens are most likely to die of dehydration within a few days if not given supportive therapy, usually within a hospital, although it can be done at home under vet supervision to save money. Hospitalization for Parvo is 3-4 days and costs anywhere from $900-$1400. It is a lot cheaper to vaccinate according to recommended protocol. Two or three shots three weeks apart until 16 weeks, and a booster after one year.

Parvo calls Pet Assistance had in the past few days::

1.A nine month old unspayed female Maltese was hospitalized for Parvo.The owner left a $700 deposit for treatment and could not come up with the balance when it was time to take the dog home. She wsa calling around for financial aid. The woman got hte dog two months prior and was told it had a shot, but didn't have any records. She did not have money to spay the dog either.

Ethical question? What would you do? as the vet? as Pet Assistance? as the owner?

2. A twelve week old Pit Bull puppy was brought to the vet and diagnosed with Parvo. The young owner did not have any money.The vet gave the dog a shot to stop the vomitting and gave the girl a bag of fluids and showed her how to administer it at home. I do not know the outcome. I applaud the vet for offering a PLAN B option to help the puppy.

3. There was a third call...and I don't remember the details now!

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