Pyometra and Parvo: what is the connection

Just spoke with a disabled woman whose 8 year old Rat Terrier had emergency surgery for pyometra (infected uterus) yesterday. She has had the dog since it was 8 weeks old. The woman has no money so the vet hospital said she would have to sign the dog over to them for them to do the surgery, and then they will re-home the dog. PLUS she can have the dog back if she comes up with half the $1500 fee. In a way, I don't blame the vet. Everyone wants free service or a payment plan. From experience, I know few people ever keep their word. They will say anything in times of distress...but I think of the animal first and gamble that the people will be sincere and will make an effort to 'pay it forward.' This woman has $200, I said Pet Assistance will help with $75 but that it is not what we usually do. ...that we help to get a pet TO a hospital in an emergency. Now that the dog is OK. I don't think she will find help. Few people want to help someone else's pet. They want to help the homeless...yet by helping others, we keep pets from BECOMNG HOMELESS! That is the LOGICAL truth.. It's a MEAN business dealing with animal hospitals.. I do feel sorry for the woman and hope she gets her dog does have a good home, now it is all about money.

Here's a question for all of you readers:

How do we educate the country, (not ready to take on the world,) that pyometra and parvo are two life threatening situations that are 200% avoidable.

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